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Sizing Q & A

As sizing can be challenging when shopping online, we have added some information to help make this simpler. 
1.  When the jean with 95% or more cotton that means it will be true to size and little stretch.  
2.  Jean with Spanx or Other material means it will stretch and to size down to have a slimmer fit or your standard size for a softer fit.
3.  Do not go based off High, Mid or Low rise, remember if you are long torso, short or normal will dictate where the waist will land.
1.  Look at the width of the picture to determine if it is a wider cut or a narrow cut.  Wide cut size down, narrow cut will be slimmer so true to size or size up for a softer fit.
2.  If the features it will say if it is a slim fit, standard or oversize.
1.  Read the description and follow the instructions for sizing based off jean sizing.  Remember to look for the stretch factor in sizing.  
When in doubt email us or message us on Instagram.